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Letter to The Membership

Membership Renewal for 2022


Dear MASA Members and Prospective Members,

The mission of the Maryland Ambulatory Surgery Association (MASA) is to educate, inform, and protect our ASC members in Maryland. Formed in 1995, MASA has a long history of success in protecting the interests of ASCs in Maryland. We have an excellent full time health care lobbyist to keep us informed of legislation that may impact ambulatory surgery centers in Maryland. The members of our Board of Directors and other interested and active members work diligently to represent your interests.

In the recent past through our legislative actions, MASA has testified in favor of 23 hour stays for surgery centers in Maryland. We have successfully fought efforts to drastically increase annual fees levied by the state on ambulatory surgery centers. We have kept our membership informed of pending legislative activities.

Through the efforts of our Board Members and other active members, we represent the MASA members on various State Boards, committees, and work groups. MASA frequently has a “seat at the table” when regulations are being discussed and formulated. This is critically important and helpful in protecting the interests of our members.

Until recently interrupted by the pandemic, MASA has held an annual conference locally enabling attending educational sessions without expensive travel. These annual meetings include invited speakers on topics of interest involving responding to legislation, complying with regulations, and achieving accreditation. The format of the meeting encourages attendees to share successes and challenges. The conference also allows industry vendors to sponsor booths featuring their products and services to the ASC decision-makers.

You can and should join MASA for the low yearly membership fee of $375 for a single surgery center OR $425 + $275 per center for ASCs with multiple locations. Join our board of directors. We need more physicians on our board and on our committees. We seek your membership and your input. MASA can deliver powerful impact for the buck. With continuing changes in health care on the horizon, ASCs need to be informed and united. MASA is the vehicle to keep you informed and to arm you with the data you need to deal with the changes.

Join us.

Please go to WWW.MDASC.ORG and click on the “Membership” tab.

We look forward to having your input and your support so that we can serve the Ambulatory Surgery Center community in Maryland.


Andrea Hyatt, President
Maryland Ambulatory Surgery Association

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