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The health care industry is constantly evolving and many forces are competing to guide and shape this process.  Working together to create opportunities helps all of us achieve our goals.

The mission of the Maryland Ambulatory Surgery Association is to ensure the choice of quality health care at cost effective rates.

There is strength in numbers and power in unity.  Competing interests in the health care industry are threatened by ambulatory surgery centers and the choice they provide to health care consumers.  This powerful opposition is well-equipped and continues to initiate policy adverse to freestanding surgery centers.  MASA can help you fight back.


Thanks to all so much for the time, energy and compassion poured into this year’s giving back project.  The response was incredible as we nearly filled 2 SUVs full with donations.  A special “thank you” to Karen Albright for getting the word out, Andrea Hyatt for posting the details with MASA and Stacie Gosting for collecting and delivering donations with me.  A special thanks also to Robert Eisenberg who suggested the project to MASA and organized everything. The center was VERY appreciative.  They will sort and distribute the items over the next several weeks.   Per Robert Eisenberg “It continues to boggle my mind why anyone in this country needs to sleep without shelter or dig in the trash for food.  We cannot solve this problem all at once, but I assure you every little bit helps.  Thanks again everyone.  We did good.”

A huge “Thank you” to all of the vendors that supported Fall MASA Conference on November 5th!





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